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ADRENAL EXHAUSTION is one of the biggest epidemics on the planet today and is responsible for everything from chronic pain, inflammation, high blood pressure, dis-ease and premature aging. Studies show that when your adrenals are constantly releasing stress hormones, other glands shut down and the cells are signalled to turn off. LIGHT THERAPY was designed as a holistic modality specifically used when one’s mind and body is injured physically and emotionally, due to chronic stress and worry. When “old cellular memory” is not cleared, new cells are unable to attain their full state of balance.

SCALAR COLD LOW LEVEL LIGHT LASERS have the ability to penetrate into the cell walls via the skin and work by restoring these abnormal cellular functions. Some physiologic effects include improved metabolism, circulation, tissue healing and well being. Unlike high-power medical lasers, which are widely used to cut and burn tissue, the QWL penetrates the surface of the skin with little or no heating effect or damage to tissues. The energy is directed deep into the treatment area stimulating the body's cells, which convert the light energy into chemical energy to promote natural healing, the way it was designed to do. 

IN YOUR SESSION: Our light laser therapist works with our Doctor of Natural Medicine to take a clinical health history in order to guide the therapist in the proper direction. Following this, you will be asked to lie down on a Scalar Laser PAD on top of a massage table with loose fitted clothing. The Scalar Lasers are then placed on various parts of your body, preferably next to the skin. You will feel a state of relaxation, and experience a soothing, warming feeling. The results have been phenomenal, assisting your body to heal long-term injuries and conditions swiftly.


Our sessions are extremely relaxing and very helpful in UNWINDING your adrenal glands, so your nervous system can work properly, in a soothing state. This process activates key neurotransmitters and hormones to help free the body of stress and tension, while inducing a sense of well-being. The session’s goal is to clear excess stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline from your body, assist in relieving chronic feelings of pain, anxiety and depression, so your body can repair itself, once again achieving balance.

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Unwind cell memory; stress and tension from the body, cells, and energy systems. Working to dissolve the contracted cell memory, returning the body to a natural state of ease.

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Dissolve, relieve stress, tension, injuries, and pain. By opening neurotransmitter pathways to relax the brain and releasing "happy hormones". 

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Activating inner cellular energy, giving the body and cells that energy boost needed to heal.

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Used to release energetic and emotional patterns to shift emotions and reprogram cells into a state of overall wellbeing.

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Activating the lymphatic system of the body, thereby allowing for the clearing of toxins. This allows for a clean environment our cells can flourish in!

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A detox and immune activation program, the objective being to clean the blood of harbouring bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi by way of activating the somatids of the immune system.

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