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PMS, fertility
thyroid metabolism
weight management
menopause issues

Our LIVING WELLNESS PACKAGE done by our University trained integrative medicine team can help you address a variety of HORMONAL HEALTH issues.

Here, we recognize the huge role your hormonal imbalances can play in your overall health.  We are then able to properly assess and address your personalized health concerns by correcting underlying imbalances in your glandular and other body systems.



An Integrative Medicine assessment will be done looking for key clinical factors that would be causing ones hormonal concerns. By using science-based evidence to educate one to make specific holistic interventions, a person’s hormonal changes and overall vitality can be addressed.

A blood microscopy screening will be used to assess an individual’s nutritional absorption related to hormonal conversion. We focus on toxic xenoestrogens, the thyroid-liver connection and essential cleansing for weight management.





Our Doctor of Natural Medicine will use the above findings to identify the root cause of hormonal imbalance. This information will help formulate a unique herbal and nutritional program that is personalized to the individual.

By focusing on one’s specific metabolic body type, blood type, and microscopy findings, a certified Alkaline Living Health Coach will help guide you to understand how your metabolic body type plays a key role in your hormonal weaknesses. Options and guidance will be given to each individual on how to live a healthier, slimmer and happier you!

our team of


are here to help you with your living wellness goals.

Our appointment process is personalized - including Nature's Sunshine Professional Programs - natural health products, holistic nutrition and positive lifestyle strategies; designed for you, considering your metabolic body typing individuality and personal goals for optimal health. As a client of our integrative nutritional wellness centre, you can expect to feel valued, listened to, and truly cared for.

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