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Our experienced Doctor of Natural Medicine, Jayne Kadynuik directs our integrative medicine team on how to deal with basic to degenerative conditions using natural holistic methods. Teaching the art of symptomology will help you to piece together the reasons behind your specific health concerns. Having an understanding of which nutritional supplements best apply to your body systems will help you to live a life of prevention and good health. Personalized Nature’s Sunshine healthcare programs are available for women, men, and children of all ages.

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Herbal Programs

Our Doctor of Natural Medicine will determine your nutritional and herbal recommendations based on the findings of your appointment.

We provide a wide range of clinical, herbal & nutritional consulting services for children & adults of all ages.

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Men's Health

Choosing the best herbal supplements can sometimes be confusing for men to do on their own. Our clinic specializes in teaching men how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to use natural herbs to improve their holistic health - especially on how to cope with their day to day busy lifestyle. Men work hard creating increased levels of stress due to high responsibility. Sometimes trying to cope on their own can develop unhealthy habits. This is why using herbs to help their bodies cope and create the energy needed for better vitality is the best way to go.

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Women's Health

A holistic approach to women's health and wellbeing understands how important it is to offer a balanced way for women to put their health first. Our clinic specializes in using female herbs to restore the body and replenish its vitality at all stages of a woman’s life. Several herbal combinations are specifically designed supportive to women’s health, providing benefits such as increased energy levels, hormonal balancing, pain relief, and elevated mood.

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Nature's Sunshine

NSP goes to the furthest reaches of the globe to find and verify the highest quality herbs and natural ingredients, ensuring the living nutrients in our ingredients are protected and delivered to you just as nature intended.

Nature's Sunshine's premium quality products do more than improve people's health - they transform their lives!

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When your body’s pH is more acidic, you are more likely to get sick or develop an infection. An alkaline body pH helps to prevent sickness and disease. Drinking Nature's Sunshine ~ Liquid Chlorophyll on a daily basis is an effective way to reduce your body's acidity.

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Everyone Deserves Better wellbeing from the inside out. A comprehensive system of health products designed to help people of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles to reach their health, weight management, and physical fitness goals.

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