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Our Certified Nutritional Practitioner practices clinical nutrition. She will teach you how to follow basic holistic eating patterns living in a Manitoba environment.  She will address the unique nutritional needs of the whole body taking into account your lifestyle and individual health concerns including food sensitivity and elimination detox programs, where needed. Through the use of metabolic body typing she will guide you on the path to eating healthy so you feel balanced and energized. Learn the difference between your meal foods versus your treat foods to lead you to a slimmer, healthier you.  A good Certified Nutritional Practitioner is a food educator – and can also lead you in the right direction on how to make changes that can enhance vitality and all aspects of physical and mental health.

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Manitoba clean eating

Heart disease can occur due to many factors including a poor diet, lifestyle, medications, infections, and or chronic inflammation

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metabolic body typing

A metabolic disorder characterized by a high blood sugar level over a prolonged period of time. When your body does not use blood sugar correctly, proper uptake of sugar into your cells is inhibited which affect how our cells make energy.

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gut & immune

Obesity and lack of exercise lead to the dangerous condition known as Metabolic X. Which puts you at risk of developing serious health problems.

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candida program

Aging is due to a cells inability to resist stress, and other cellular damages. Premature aging can be preventable through proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, and optimal body function.

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